Raw Beauty

Lisa Manzo

Don’t get me wrong my beautification process is like a religion, but its hard to know where to draw the line from putting your best ‘face’ forward, to completely covering up your true beauty. It is easy to forget we are all imperfect when we are constantly bombarded with images of unattainable perfection. Somewhere along the way all the hype made it okay to alter our unique qualities, forgetting that these raw qualities are the very things that make us beautiful.  Not embracing our raw beauty is chipping away at our whole selves. Without it we would be swept up into the eternal cycle of contouring and highlighting, not that I don’t love a good contour!

The thing about trying to cover flaws is that it will never end. There will always be that one other thing we can do to achieve the ideal standard of perfection and yet, it still won’t be enough! I don’t know about you but the myriad of beauty products, photo-editing apps and celebrity make-up tutorials can become overwhelming. This cycle means trading in your authenticity for approval and no one should have to work that hard to get anyone else’s say-so, because our perfectly imperfect selves are more than enough. Knowing that is embracing raw beauty and any extra mascara you want to add on after that is all you, because you know your real worth comes from the inside out. Hiding and burying who we are doesn’t allow us to have meaningful connections with ourselves.  Building self-worth and confidence is self-love and true raw beauty.  Maybe raw is the new black.