8-must dos for Healthy Hair this Summer!

Lisa Manzo


Just like we protect our skin from the sun, our hair needs some coverage too. Allowing hair to be in the harsh sunlight for too long can dull down colour and dry it out, making your hair appear brittle. Keep those strands glossy by using my frizz-free ointment recipe to preserve moisture. If anything, pack a sun hat with you on your next outdoorsy adventure.

2. Be gentle

Hot tools are great for achieving those sleek styles, but should be used sparingly. Heat styling hair will eventually dry out and weaken the strands, causing breakage. If hot tools are your go-to, infuse moisture back into your locks.  Try my coconut milk conditioning recipe and experiment with getting hair to dry naturally wavy in braids or twisted buns (perfect summer look!)

3.  Eating Healthy

We tend to focus more on taking care of our locks from the outside, however what happens on the inside is just as important! If your hair is looking dull and lifeless it could be a result of an improper diet. Our hair is mostly made of keratin protein, so we need to nourish our hair by eating lots of healthy proteins resulting in those lustrous locks. Try out my Pumpkin Seed Pesto Dip.

4.  Massage

Who doesn't absolutely love a scalp massage, especially one given  by someone else! I think this has to be my favourite part of going to the hair salon! A 2-5 minute scalp massage brings much needed blood flow to the scalp, not only is tension relived from the strands but it allows for the circulation of oxygen nourishing the hair shaft.

5. Prepare  

With this incredibly hot weather we have been having, most of us cannot resist but take a plunge in the pool to cool off.   We must prepare before we take a dip in the salt-water or chlorine as they are both major culprits of dry hair. Coating your hair with a conditioner and using a shower or bathing cap prior to swimming can stop harsh water from absorbing in.

6. Start Fresh

It is best to limit the use of chemical-filled shampoos, conditioners, soaps and products.  These products along with hard water residue, build up on the scalp, creating a layer that can clog the follicle. It is ideal to remove any build-up on the scalp if you long for soft and shiny hair. Rinse with apple cider vinegar or use my 'give me those longer locks' recipe once a week and feel your hair bounce back.

7. Moisturize 

Hair naturally builds up moisturizing oils on our scalp, but since these are so often washed away we need to re-infuse the hydration. Hair treatments are a great way to get moisture back into the strands and natural oils work wonders.  I recommend coconut oil as an overnight mask or leave on for 30-60 minutes as a pre-shampoo application.

8. De-Stress

We all know stress is bad for you, its lesser known effect is the toll on your hair. It effects the condition and appearance of your hair and learning how to manage the effects of stress can revive your dull strands. Engaging in yoga and mediation can ease your mind, boost your overall health and bring your hair back to life!